ACTION picks up right after the last module of FOCUS. the main objective of this course is to close the circle and together with FOCUS, to offer a complete full mouth rehabilitation course for complex cases.

Our main objective is to guid the attendants in becoming architects for this treatments and help them see the full picture of complete cases.

Our journey will start with the patients after the TMJ and muscle have been stabilized. We will provide for that kind of patients restorative solutions that help maintaining that functional stability, masticatory efficiency, periodontal health, facial aesthetics and harmony for a long time, with minimal repairs.

In every module, the theoretical part of the course is followed by extensive hands-on exercises, emphasizing the highly practical applicability concept that the whole course was built around.

Modules: 3

Days: 8


Lecturers: Alex Rugina, Robert Ciocirlan
Maximum places: 12
Date: 17-19.09, 16-17.10, 12-14.11.2020
Language: Romana
Price: 3.900 EUR

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3 DAYS: 17-19th September 2020

ACTION DESIGN takes us even further on the road of understanding what shape we should give to the dental arches and to the teeth, so we can provide the best function and aesthetic outcome in our everyday cases.

This module makes the transition from stone work and planning, to the patient mouth.

We are confident that after this module the attendants will have the necessary knowledge to design the wax-up for their patients themselves, thus gaining an even more in depth vision of how to approach the case.


2 DAYS: 16-17th October 2020

PREPARING the case is crucial. Having this in mind, as restorative dentists, many times we have to coordinate the whole team that treats the patient.

At this stage timing and communication are key factors. Knowing when and what to ask from our colleagues, can make the difference between a successful case and a disappointing outcome.

In this module we invited skilled dentists in surgery, orthodontics and restorative, to provide an in-site on interdisciplinary work flow and the pre-restorative stages of treatment.


3 DAYS: 12-14th November 2020

After meticulously preparing the case, it is now time to close it. Thanks to careful planning, all that is left for us to do, are the indirect restoration stages, that consist in tooth preparation, provisionals, impression, cementation and final occlusal check.

We will go together through the beauty of this technical procedures, trying to achieve the most precise and predictable outcome. A top dental technician will give us his input in how we can better work together and what he needs from the dentist, in order to achieve the best result possible.

All that is left for us now is to see our healthy patients for regular check-ups and enjoy a job well done.



17-19th SEPTEMBER 2020, 16-17th OCTOBER 2020, 12-14th NOVEMBER 2020


3.900 EUR

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+40 786 490 440

+40 233 271 295