DENTAL PHOTOGRAPHY COMMUNICATION is a course for every person involved in the treatment of the patient. It is necessary to have a basic understanding of general photographic principles and techniques to obtain excellent results in a deliberate manner that is neither random nor accidental. This program will introduce you to the dental camera and the light systems, to do the everyday photo protocol, basic photo editing, processing steps and finally the ergonomic storage of the images.

In addition, you will learn how to communicate easy through images, which are the images for a better and predictable result that the dental lab needs, how to create a virtual patient using dental images. You will discover a complete photography documentation process and the used of images for efficient office time management.


• develop the skills in taking dental images for medical issue
• understand the value of every image taken for the diagnostic and treatment planning
• build a flawless communication using images between the people involved in the treatment planning
• Once you see it, you will know


Lecturers: Andrei Dicu, Dan Lazar
Maximum places: 12
Date: 4th June 2022
Language: English
Price: 320 EUR

• concept - why spend the time taking pictures?
• Hand extension and visual capture - DSLR camera, lens and light systems
• understanding the light
• 3D image composition
• must have pictures for analysis and treatment planning
• protocol images - restorative, prosthodontics, orthodontics
• image editing and storage
• dental photography as a documentation tool
• the use of camera and accessories
• basic portrait protocol, intra- oral photography
• product photography
• dental lab communication photography
• General practitioners
• Prosthodontics
• Orthodontist
• Passionate dental photographers
Lazar Learning Focus Dental Photography

Andrei DICU


4th June 2022

Clinica Lazar, Oradea

Oradea, B.P. Hasdeu 22,
41003 - Romania

AVAILABLE PLACES: 12 participants       LANGUAGE: English       +40 359 430 400

320 EUR

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