INDIRECT complete case sets out to continue the journey started at FOCUS and to offer participants practical and theoretical information absolutely necessary to complete the cases which require complex oral rehabilitation.

The course consists of three modules and addresses the prosthetic or general dentist who want to implement a complete procedure to approach the patients who need total mouth rehabilitation, starting with the research and diagnosis stages, moving to inter-disciplinary collaboration and ending with the final restoration.

Indirect Strategy and Design offers us a general perspective on the stages of treatment and their sequencing, as well as on the understanding of the morphology and position of the future prosthetic rehabilitation in line with the aesthetic and functional principles.

Indirect Mock -up and Direct Restorations describes ways of intraoral transferring and validation of the shapes and positions previously established based on study patterns, the management of the soft tissues and the usability of the direct composite restoration in complete mouth rehabilitation.

Indirect Final Restoration is the module which takes us through all the clinical stages of achieving indirect rehabilitation, from preparing, impresion, communicating with the laboratory and cementation, thus completing the whole course of treatment.


Lecturers: Robert Ciocirlan, Roxana Petcu, Dan Lazar, Daniel Jakab
Date:30-31.03 & 1.04.2023, 5-6.05.2023, 1-3.06.2023
Language: Romana
Price: 3.900 EUR

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Module 1

Indirect Strategy and Design is the first module which actually makes the transition from FOCUS and in which participants will analyse the methods they can use to reach the set objectives, using other specialties such as orthodontics, orthognathic surgery, dentoalveolar surgery. Trans-disciplinary collaboration helps us simplify the case, placing it in a more favourable situation, faster to solve from a prosthetic point of view.

Approaching the case from a prosthetic perspective implies establishing the shape and the position of the future rehabilitation on study patterns, using the wax-up and in accordance with the aesthetic and functional principles of a fixed occlusion. In order to make it practically easier to construct, the total wax-up will be designed step by step, taking into consideration the aims of the plan of treatment.

Program Benefits

• establishing a general strategy to approach the cases of full mouth rehabilitation
• finding out the information leading to key decisions
• trans-disciplinary collaboration in the orthoprosthesis concept and implementing it in the current practice
• getting accustomed to the technique of designing the wax-up, be it analogue or digital, in line with the aesthetic and functional principles
• understanding the principles of the functional occlusion

Module 2

INDIRECT Mock-up and Direct Restorations

The wax-up transfer is the technique which confirms intraorally whether the shape and the position of the future rehabilitation ( designed on study patterns) accomplish the objectives set in the plan of treatment.

Maintaining a healthy paradontium on the long run is achieved through a careful management of the soft and hard tissues, this being directed with the help of the mock-up and the temporary crowns.

In many clinical situations, direct composite restorations are a faster, less costly alternative when it comes to the restoration of the tooth morphology.

Beneficii program

• getting used to wax-up transfer techniques and materials depending on the clinical situation.
• esthetic and functional intraoral validation of the plan of treatment
• adjusting the soft tissue and the underlying bone in terms of the clinical situation in order to obtain a harmonious balance between white and pink
• discovering techniques and materials necessary in direct composite restorations

Module 3

Indirect Final Restorations

Once the shape and the position of the future rehabilitation have been decided, by means of the mock-up, as well as their relationship with the periodontal tissues, the only thing left for us to do is turning them into indirect restorations.

The preparing stage is more precise and easier to accomplish when it is performed by means of the mock-up, offering us, every step of the way, the possibility to check the prosthetic space, necessary for the indirect restorations.

Recording and transmitting the information validated intraorally by means of the mock-up, as precisely as possible, are part of a protocole carefully planned with the technical dental laboratory.

Program Benefits

• guided mock-up preparation
• copying the prosthetic field, as precisely as possible, by means of analogue/digital imprinting techniques
• adjusting the final restorations taking the principles of a functional occlusion into consideration
• a complete protocole of glue fixing the ceramic restorations
• monitoring the patient on the long run


30-31.03 & 1.04.2023, 5-6.05.2023, 1-3.06.2023

Tarcău / Neamț

LANGUAGE: Romana       +40 233 271 295

3900 EUR