RESHAPE - From Planning to Occlusal Equilibration

Join us for an immersive and comprehensive course designed to elevate your expertise in full mouth rehabilitation and the critical aspect of occlusal equilibration. This specialized training is crafted for dentists seeking to refine their skills and knowledge in comprehensive treatment planning, addressing complex cases, and achieving harmonious occlusion for optimal patient outcomes.


Lecturer: Dan Lazar
Maximum places: 12
Date: 03-05, 24-26 OCT 2024
Days: 6 / Modules: 2
Language: Romana
Price: 3800 EUR


Treatment Planning: Learn to assess, diagnose, and develop effective treatment plans for full mouth rehabilitation cases. Understand the intricacies of various dental conditions, interdisciplinary approaches, and patient-specific considerations.
Functional Occlusion Principles: Dive deep into understanding occlusion dynamics and its crucial role in successful full mouth rehabilitation. Explore occlusal concepts, occlusal disease diagnosis, and the principles of achieving stable and functional occlusion.
Anterior and Posterior morphology: Restorative materials and techniques aim to replicate natural tooth morphology, including cuspal inclines, contours, and occlusal patterns, to achieve functional occlusion. Understanding the interplay between occlusion and morphology is crucial for successful treatment outcomes, especially in full mouth rehabilitation cases, where restoration of both anterior and posterior teeth is involved.
Hands-On Workshops: Engage in practical, hands-on sessions that allow you to apply theoretical knowledge to real-case scenarios. Practice various techniques for occlusal analysis, treatment simulation, and occlusal equilibration under the guidance of the lecturer.
Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Gain insights into effective collaboration with specialists. Understand the significance of interdisciplinary approaches in achieving comprehensive rehabilitation outcomes.
Patient Case Discussions: Analyze and discuss diverse patient cases, including complex rehabilitation scenarios. Learn from real-life cases and explore various treatment options, challenges and strategies.
Advanced Technologies and Techniques: Explore the latest advancements in dental technology and techniques relevant to full mouth rehabilitation. Discover the use of digital workflow and also the analog way to achieve the function outcome of the case.

• Treatment planning on real cases
• Occlusal analyses on real cases
• Splint equilibration on articulators
• Selective grindings on models
• Wax-up analog and digital - the dentist approach
• Transfer of the wax-up on articulators
• Dental lab data for prosthetic rehabilitation
• Live stream from dental office

This course is ideal for practicing dentists, prosthodontists, periodontists, and other dental specialists interested in advancing their skills in full mouth rehabilitation, occlusal equilibration, and interdisciplinary treatment planning.

Lazar Learning Focus Dental Photography

Dan Lazar

03-05, 24-26 OCT 2024

Clinica Lazar, Oradea

Oradea, B.P. Hașdeu 22,
41003 - Romania

Places available: 12 participants       Language: Romana +40 359 430 400

3800 EUR

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